Speed? Have Any?


Speed and quickness can determine whether or not you drive by the defender guarding you, getting to the loose ball and getting a fast break for an easy basket. Speed Chutes are very useful to help you get faster and quicker on the court. Using the chute will make you work harder and give you resistance when you are trying to run. By using this it will strengthen your legs so that you will be faster. The first step in basketball is the most important step because if it is fast enough you will be able to blow by your guy and allow you to create more scoring for your team. All basketball players should use a speed chute during the off season so that your leg muscles are strong and so that you can make plays on the court.



White Men Can Jump


Jumping is a very vital thing to be able to do well in order to be a good basketball player. HASfit has a workout that works out your hamstrings, quads, butt, calves, ect. that will definitely improve your jumper. This workout is not a work out that will bulk your body or make you very cut but it will make you jump much higher which will improve your basketball game a lot. Having a high vertical will allow you to get more rebounds, score more points, and even get you that dunk that you have always wanted. Jumping is very important and every basketball player should work on jumping higher because the game is played above the rim these days and if you cannot get above the rim you will be riding the bench. Here are a few things that HASfit has provided that will make you jump higher.

The Big Ball


The Big Ball is an oversized basketball that gives you more accuracy and more handle for a bigger basketball while you practice and will improve your game when you switch back to a normal ball. While shooting with this ball it will force you to be more accurate with your shot and makes you put more arch on your shot so when you use a smaller ball your shooting will be more consistent. While dribbling with The Big Ball your hands will be forced to adapt to a bigger ball so when you switch to a regulation size ball you will have more grip for it. The Big Ball is strictly used for working out and you should not use it for too long at a time. It is essential that you keep a regulation size ball with you and you use it after each drill you do so that you can stay used to a normal ball. The Big Ball is very effective if used properly and the video will show how you should use it. 


The Rock Basketball


Anaconda Sports has has many great products but for basketball players they have the best ball to play with. It is very important that you play and practice with a ball that has consistencies with other basketballs that you may encounter. The Rock basketballs are composite balls that have great grip and deep seems so that it is easy to play with. These balls are used for most collegiate basketball teams and they replicate most other basketballs that you may play with at an away venue. It is very important to practice with a ball that you are going to play with so that you can get a good feel for it and get used to dribbling, and shooting with it. I use The Rock basketballs when I practice and I have a great touch with any other ball that I might play with in a game. Every basketball player should use and practice with this ball!



Goalrilla Basketball Hoops


Having good basketball equipment is key to be able to improve your skills for for when it counts, game time. Goalrilla basketball hoops are the best and most authentic hoops to have because they are most like the hoops you will play on in a game. They have big backboards and strong rims that will replicate an in game rebound. The rolls that the hoops make after a shot are also just like the rolls that you will get in a game so you know when your practicing if a shot goes in or not.

Goalrilla hoops are by far the best and most effective hoops to shoot on when you are outside shooting around in the back yard. They will give you a feeling like you would in a real game which will get you much better and more consistent.



Agility Ladder


The agility ladder has been around for so long and some say it has been ignored in a sense to try and improve your agility. The ladder is very useful for all sports and when used correctly can improve your foot speed and coordination on the court. If your defensive speed is not where you want it to be, using the ladder will increase your lateral speed so you can guard the fastest guy on the court.

When using the ladder you must make sure you are doing each drill correctly and not just trying to go fast. You must get the footwork down first and then you can speed up and become a pro at it. it is important to take the right steps because your muscle memory will learn it and then you can start to improve. During the off season I highly recommend that you put work in with the ladder so that when you are on the court you can execute any move you would like due to your improved coordination with your feet. The ladder is a simple but very effective way to improve all aspects of your game and it is necessary to do to be able to take your game to the next level.

Here are 10 great drills to do on the ladder to improve your quickness for basketball.

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Importance of Foam Rollers


Using a foam roller is a very important and basic thing to do to ensure that your body recovers faster after a hard workout or game. Using a foam roller massages your muscles and loosens them up so they do not get too tight and build up. Tight muscles can make you really sore and that may effect the way you play on the court. I have used foam rollers and I definitely played a roll in my game. I felt more ready and I was able to run faster and jump higher.

I highly recommend any basketball player to use a foam roller on a constant basic.